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Garlic Scapes Pesto with Parmesan

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19-Jun-2010 04:54 PM

Brad's Produce

Posts: 79

1 cup (packed) fresh spinach

1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 LB garlic scapes; use bottom part below the bulge. Cut into 1 inch lengths

3-4 T. lemon juice

1 cup olive oil

2 cups parmesan

1/2 t. salt

20 grindings of pepper

In food processor, put in spinach and walnuts; process until finely chopped. Add scapes and process again until very well ground and blended. With motor running, add lemon juice and olive oil. Scrape down sides and add parmesan, salt, and pepper; process briefly to combine Makes about 2 cups, or enough for one full ice cube tray. Freeze. Can use as a spread on pizza or bruschetta; toss with pasta, fresh tomatoes, and feta or mozzarella; stir into mayonnaise for sandwich spread or potato salad dressing.