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Registration for the 2018 Harford County CSA season is now open! 


 To download options and pricing for the 2018 CSA season, click below

2018 pricing and options 2018 pricing and options (581 KB)

To download the registration form for the 2018 CSA season, click below

2018 registration 2018 registration (216 KB)

If you have trouble downloading the form, download the free Adobe PDF Reader.

**Please note - any checks received will not be deposited until January 2, 2018.**

Looking for the Best Maryland CSA Program? Look No Further Than Brad's Produce!

We've always believed that fresh produce is the healthiest and smartest way to feed any family. That's why we started one of the first community supported agriculture (CSA) programs in northeastern Maryland, and why it's grown to feed so many Maryland families since. There's nothing better than fresh-picked Maryland tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables and fruits, picked right at the height of the season - all season long!

About our Northern Maryland CSA

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a means of purchasing fresh food directly from a local farm. The consumer buys a share of the farm's products prior to the growing season. In turn, the shareholder receives weekly distributions of produce as the season progresses. Fresh, safe food is becoming a scarcity in our lives. The majority of produce in today's grocery store has traveled on an average of 1300 miles from its source and is several days old before reaching the store shelf. This is one of many hidden costs in today's food system. Buying locally ensures you of fresh food; it ensures the viability of local farms, preservation of open space and keeps purchasing power in the local economy.

This year Brad's Produce is continuing with our own CSA. You, as a consumer, have the opportunity to purchase a share in the produce that is grown on our farm for the season. We grow a wide variety of approximately 50 different kinds of fruits and vegetables harvested from May through October (There is a complete list of produce and the approximate months they will be available on the product availability page). Members will receive a variety of produce harvested at its peak of ripeness, flavor, vitamins and mineral content. You will be able to pick up your share at our farm in Churchville. After you have chosen your share option and we have received your payment you will be notified of when the first pick up will be. All shares are harvested, processed and packed as close to the pick up dates as possible.

After someone has chosen the right share size for them and we have received their first payment they will be on our email list. All major events are posted to all shareholders through email unless one doesn't have email. For more information, see our CSA Frequently Asked Questions below.


Add-on option for 2018

We will be offering an "add-on" to our produce CSA for the seventh year. You will have the option of adding an egg CSA. These come directly to us from a local farm!

The eggs are raised by our trusted Amish partners who have farms in southern Lancaster County. They are antibiotic-and hormone-free and guaranteed to be good. Once you've eaten their fresh eggs, you'll never go back to grocery store eggs again!

The egg shares are limited so register early!

Here are reviews from some of our CSA customers:

Marian writes "We had talked about joining a CSA off and on during the year, so when the time came, my spouse agreed to try it if I wanted to.  I love fresh fruit and veggies; he loves food.  Everything we got in our share was fresh and delicious and the presentation was gorgeous.  We soon came to eagerly anticipate the next pick up date and we were never disappointed.  The staff is friendly and helpful; so were our fellow customers.  Going to Brad's on pickup day was like a little celebration during the week.  We also bought extra produce while we were there and particularly enjoyed the lettuces, strawberries, spring onions.  OH THE CORN!  The limas were a family favorite!  The tomatoes were so good my husband ignored his too much acid rash."

Carla  writes "I have been a customer of Brad's Produce for many years.  When Brad and Karin started the CSA program, they only made a great thing better.  I have really enjoyed the weekly shares of fresh fruits and vegetables -- always high quality product, always well displayed, always a good variety of items.  I try to use as many in-season fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, so being a part of Brads's CSA has made that very easy to do.  I have had very good success freezing and canning Brad's fruits and vegetables to enjoy during the late fall and winter.  I have also been very pleased with the canned items made by nearby Amish farmers using Brad's produce.--the spaghetti sauce, salsa and strawberry jam are the best.  Oh - and let me not forget to mention the very friendly and helpful staff- they are a joy to deal with too.  I have the best of all words.  I get to enjoy good, local produce as well as know the farmer that grew it."

Jeanne writes "We love Brad's Produce.  Brad and his staff are the most cooperative and accomodating business we have ever encountered.  We are impressed with the variety and quality of his produce and highly recommend this farm."

Options for the 2018 Produce Harford County, MD CSA Season

  1. Regular Season CSA
    • Runs for 24 weeks from May 17 to October 25, 2018  
    • Receive a wide variety of produce from each growing season - spring, summer and fall
    • A full share is picked up every Thursday for a total of 24 times 
    • A bi-weekly share is the same amount of produce as a full-share, but picked up every other Thursday for a total of 12 times 
    • A weekly half-share is picked up every Tuesday with more than half the amount of produce as a full share each time for a total of 24 times.
  2. Early Spring Full Share
    • Runs for 4 weeks from April 19-May 10, 2018  
    • Receive a weekly share of asparagus, bok choi, spinach, spring mix lettuce, radishes, spring onions, and possibly some potted herbs or farm fresh local eggs!
    • Be a part of the new crops that we'll be planting for early spring options. Help us choose the next best thing in local produce!
    • Picked up each Thursday 
  3. Summer Full Share
    • Runs for 8 weeks from July 12- August 30, 2018  
    • Receive a wide variety of produce from our summer crops
    • Picked up each Thursday

Option for the Add-on CSA

**Please note that you must register for the produce CSA to be able to register for an "add-on".

     1. One Dozen Brown Free-Range Eggs



2018 pricing and options 2018 pricing and options (581 KB)

Register for all shares between October, 2017 and May 17, 2018   **PLEASE NOTE: Registration must be postmarked by date indicated below for pricing

Regular Season Home Farm CSA

        Full-Share- 24 total pick-ups

  • $499 register before December 1, 2017 & receive a 10% meat discount for the entire season  
  • $515 register between December 2, 2017 and April 1, 2018
  • $525 register between April 2 and May 17, 2018

Bi-Weekly Share - 12 total pick-ups (every other week for 24 weeks)

  • $290 register before December 1, 2017 & receive a 5% meat discount for the entire season
  • $300 register between December 2, 2017 and April 1, 2018
  • $310 register between April 2 and May 17, 2018

Weekly Half-Share - 24 total pick-ups (amount given is more than half of a full share)

  • $315 register before December 1, 2017 & receive a 5% meat discount for the entire season
  • $330 register between December 2, 2017 and April 1, 2018  
  • $340 register between April 2 and May 17, 2018

Early Spring Full Share

  • $100 register before February 15, 2018
  • $115 register between February 16 and April 19, 2018

Summer Full Share

Optional Add-on

        One Dozen Brown Free-Range Eggs




Is Brad's Produce an organic farm?

At Brad's Produce we believe in using sustainable agriculture methods. We use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system. It is a way to monitor disease and insect levels so that we are only using the least harmful crop protectorates when necessary, not at random. We try to build our soils up and raise healthy plants so they can fight off disease and insects naturally. We also use cover cropping, nutrient management plans and soil conservation methods to raise our produce in an environmentally friendly way. 

Where did the idea of CSA come from?

CSA really got started in the mid-60’s in Japan. A group of Japanese women were concerned about pesticides, processed foods and diminishing local food sources. Sound familiar? As a group, they re-connected with local growers they could trust and the concept was born. They called it the Teikei movement, which translates to partnership or cooperation, but members, say it means “food with the farmer’s face on it”.

CSA came to the United States in 1986, when Jan Vandertuin brought the idea back from his travels in Switzerland. He and Robyn Van Eyn began their first CSA in Massachusetts. They told people they could “share the costs to share the harvest.”

What does a share consist of?

An example of a regular spring season share is:

1 bag of spinach
1 bag of lettuce
2 quarts of strawberries
1 bunch of broccoli
1 bundle of asparagus (1 lb.)
1 bundle of spring onions (6)
1 bunch of radishes

An example of a regular summer season share is:

1 dozen ears of corn (13 ears)
6 tomatoes
3 green peppers,
1 quart of green beans
1 quart of squash and zucchini
6 peaches
1 large heirloom tomato
1 bunch of carrots

An example of a regular fall season share is:

½ dozen ears of corn (7 ears)
6 tomatoes,
1 heirloom tomato
1 bag spinach
2 bulbs of garlic
7 apples
1 acorn squash
1 head of cauliflower
2 pounds of potatoes

These are examples of what you would find in your share. Please check our availability list below for other items that you may receive.

How long does the CSA season last?

Our Harford County CSA program lasts from mid-May through October

Where and when do I pick up my box?

The shares are picked up on Tuesdays between 10am and 7pm or Thursdays between 10am and 7pm at our farm in Churchville. A pick-up day will be assigned to you prior to the first pick-up.

What if I'm on vacation?

You can have a friend pick it up or we'll donate it to a local food bank

What do I do with the extra produce?

Please see the recipe blog on our website for seasonal recipes and freezing instructions. Also watch for announcements of our canning classes for spring, summer and fall produce.

What if I can't make it there on pick-up day?

We strongly recommend picking it up on your pick-up day or having someone pick it up for you. However, if you just can't make it one day, you have the next business day to pick it up. However, please note that we close at 6:00 on non-CSA days. It will still be the produce that was harvested on the pick-up day though. Because of the time and labor involved on the morning of the pick-up day, we cannot do it twice.

Where can you learn more about CSA?

Elizabeth Henderson, another pioneer in the CSA movement who is a leader in CSA farming today, wrote an excellent book about CSA called Sharing the Harvest. Robyn van Eyn contributed to the project but died suddenly in 1997 before completing the book.

How to join Brad's CSA

Registration for the 2018 season is now open. Limited shares will be available on a first come, first served basis.Click to download the registration form:

2018 registration 2018 registration (216 KB)

.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Note: You will need the Adobe PDF Reader to view and print the form. Download the free version here.

Produce Schedule: Below is the range of product availability. This list is not in alphabetical order, rather chronological order.

Asparagus April - June
Bok Choi April, May & October
Spring Onions April - June
Strawberries May - June
Peas May - June
Garlic Scapes May
Turnips May
Lettuce May - June & October
Spinach April - June & October
Garlic June - October
Broccoli June & October
Cabbage June & October
Edamame July & August
Squash June - September
Cucumbers June - September
Zucchini June - September
Beets June - October
Candy Onions July - September
Eggplant July - September
Lima Beans July - October
Green Beans July - October
Tomatoes July - October
Heirloom Tomatoes July - October
Specialty Tomatoes July - October
Peaches July - September
Cantaloupes July - September
Seedless & Regular Watermelons July - October
Specialty Melons July - September
Sweet Bell Pepper June - October
Hot Banana Pepper June - October
Sweet Banana Pepper June - October
Sweet Corn July - October
Jalapeño Peppers July - October
Apples August - October
Sweet Potatoes August - October
Pumpkins September - October
Decorative Gourds September - October
Cauliflower October
Kale October
Spaghetti Squash September - October
Winter Squash September - October

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